Toward a more diverse kiting world: Women/men partnerships

The Board Members of The Women’s Kiteboarding Collective have followed several discussions on this forum about sexism in the kiteboarding industry. The discussions have been informed, passionate and energetic. We have seen how, as individuals, we can directly challenge sexism...


The Collective believes that we are well placed to support those challenges… with a voice that is strong and clear, yet remains graceful and collaborative. We love discussion, but true to our kiteboarding spirits, we love action! We see this is as a perfect opportunity to activate our mission to educate, inspire, and connect:


A strong response to sexism in the industry is to voice our concerns directly to the people in charge. We’ve prepared a message to send to event/festival organizers. Its purpose is to inform, initiate discussions and foster change within the industry. We believe it is restrained, fair and educational.

What we can do…... When we see an event being advertised, put a message on this Facebook or email info@womenskiteboarding.org and our team will send the organizers our call for partnership towards a stronger kite community for women and men.


Discussions on this forum reveal that we are a group of enthusiastic, gritty and fun-loving women. As one of the tribe, we hope we feel inspired to stand up for ourselves and others, both women and men.

What we can do…...Flash that smile and show the same sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and courage that we demonstrate on the water!!!!… and help others to do the same: Give someone a heartfelt compliment; challenge someone who puts us or others down or makes a sexist/racist or homophobic comment; praise those who stand up for others; commend men who urge other men to live in 2018 not in the 1950s!!

Then post our stories with the hashtag #InspiredToStandUp right here in our group….hopefully, we’ll inspire others to stand up too!!


Together we are stronger. This group has created a powerful network where we learn together, build a sense of camaraderie and support each other in our kiteboarding, personal and professional lives.


Whether we are discussing differences in gear preferences or topics as hot as gender equality it’s clear that although our experiences and interpretations of sexism (or favorite kite destination!) might differ, we all seem to agree that sexism - even if unintended - is no longer acceptable. However, The Collective is clear that it wants to be part of the solution, not to create polarization.

What we can do…. connect with and support like-minded women and men. If we cooperate, collaborate and act collectively, we can truly make a difference.

We are so thankful to have you in our community and support you in becoming the most amazing kiteboarding woman you can be!

~ Elea Faucheron & Laurel Eastman along with our amazing board Alma Joyce, Caroline Morris, Barb Vichova, Bianca Forzano, Shalhevet Shelby Segal, Gee Gee Santos, Stanzy LA

Please feel free to contact our Board Co-Chair Eléa Faucheron or Laurel Eastman to discuss how we can work better together: info@womenskiteboarding.org.


Many thanks for your support in making the kiting world a stronger one for us all.


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