The savvy woman's kiting guide: Cabarete, Dominican Republic

October 8, 2017

Cabarete, Dominican Republic is one of the classic kiteboarding destinations on the planet. In this educational article you’ll learn all our tips and tricks for traveling as a woman to this hot tropical island. Cabarete: it’s one of those places you MUST travel to at least once if you’re into adventure kiteboarding trips. You might even become one of many repeat (addicted to Cabarete) visitors or a member of the thriving expat kiteboarder community. So, without further ado here’s your trip planning info.



What Kind of Woman Would Like Kiteboarding Cabarete


First of all, let me say, Cabarete is truly suited for kiteboarding girls and women of all ages. With a thriving expat community and an international school 10 miles away we have girls as young as 9 years old learning and practicing kiteboarding. Imagine what your life would be like if you grew up on the beach in the Caribbean! We have a great example: professional kiteboarder and co-creator of the MaiTai Global kiteboarding community Susi Mai.


For women in their 20s and 30s Cabarete is so awesome. Our Cabarete ambassador (and Women’s Kiteboarding Organization President) Laurel Eastman moved there in her early 20s and spent the last decade and a half enjoying the vibrant buzzing nightlife, parties, and fun people doing crazy things. Ask her about the night she was dancing on the bar with Bianca Foranzo our Italian ambassador, stepped down and was introduced to Pete, the love of her life!


Laurel’s Dominican Mom Lola Barbara Harvey (although not a kiteboarder) is a great example of thriving in Cabarete after retirement from the “real” life. Living in a place where you can have a $9 dinner with a million dollar view right on the ocean, surrounded by sweet smart ladies, is pretty cool.


Digital nomads also thrive living in Cabarete. Fast internet means more time out on the water once the work is done!


Special Considerations for Women Adventure Traveler's in Cabarete


As a woman traveler in Cabarete you should be forewarned that the local Dominican men are more forward and fresh then the guys in North America or Europe. They’ll ask you out within 1 minute of meeting you! Don’t be shy about telling them no, they are good humored and just can’t help asking. The best is when they ask if you have a boyfriend, you tell them “yes”, and they tell you “that’s ok, you can have another one too!”


They are also incredibly gentlemanly, helpful and kind. Guys in DR are great dancers (a little touchy-feely from time to time) and love to have fun. It helps to speak Spanish, but a warm smile and a few phrases goes a long way. The Dominican kiteboarding instructors at Laurel’s school are excellent examples Dominican culture and of the openness and warmth Dominicans are famous for.


Physical safety considerations are really the same for travel in any developing country around the world. The same tried and true advice will keep you out of any trouble in Cabarete:  Avoid being alone in remote areas during the day and dark areas at night. Don’t walk around with expensive jewelry, leave your purse at home, just bring cash and your room key in your pocket.

By following normal common sense practices you’ll have a totally safe and SUPER fun experience in this tropical island paradise. Speaking of fun and tropical, let’s get into the kiteboarding part of your adventure to Cabarete, Dominican Republic!

Kiteboarding Cabarete, Dominican Republic


And now the REALLY good part! Kiteboarding in the paradise that is Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Unless you also really like surfing or other no-wind activities like yoga, fitness, mountain biking then come in either winter (end of Dec - end of March) or summer (June- mid Sept).


Summer and winter kiteboarding conditions can be quite different. Winter means waves and less reliable wind. But when it comes together there’s magic wave riding on the reef! It can be more difficult for beginners than in the summer when the swell smooths out and the wind cranks more consistently.


Cabarete has a reputation for crowds. Yes, Kite Beach is busy. A small area with perfect flatwater upwind and all the local pros and up and coming riders launching freestyle tricks. Super fun to watch and photograph. Not fun to kite with. Luckily there’s a massive amount of much less crowded beach, including where Laurel’s school is in the center of Cabarete Bay. Intermediates can also ride the flat water river mouth of La Boca and the friendly waves at Encuentro.


Kiteboarding equipment recommendations for a 130-160 pound intermediate female kiteboarder


Twintip + 8m + 11m

Surfboard + 7m + 9m

Foilboarding is better in summer, earlier in the day with the 7m or 9m



Add one larger kite to your quiver. Bring the surfboard but unless you’re comfortable with shorebreak and chop you can leave the foilboard at home.


Now that being said, you know the rule: if you REALLY want kiteboarding always bring your biggest kite. Laurel brings her 15m on most (if not all) of her kiteboarding adventures.


Additional kiteboarding Cabarete Resources

Getting to Cabarete (and getting around)


Where to stay for kiteboarding Cabarete (near our ambassador Laurel’s kiteboarding school)


Wind Info & Kiteboarding Cabarete Beach Kiteboarding Webcam


Bottom line. Cabarete is wicked fun. It’s beautiful, friendly, edgy, warm, and windy. Ladies, you’ll have a fabulous trip coming to the Dominican Republic. And who knows, you might even meet the love of your life.

So there you have it. Laurel’s great guide to kiteboarding adventures for women in her adopted hometown of Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Have any questions, or suggestions on how to improve this page?

Email Laurel directly here: Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding Cabarete Professional.


No matter what level kitesurfer you are, there is something fun for you, your friends and family:




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