Day dreams and determination: How I became a women's kiteboarding wetsuit entrepreneur


The first time I saw a kite flying in the air was in Cabarete, Dominican Republic in 2010.

I was completely in awe of the kiters and became determined to learn to kite. Seven years later, I can now say I am a true kite girl. Not only that, I am also an entrepreneur for Truli Wetsuits for women. The two have gone hand in hand and one journey parallels the other. Learning to kite is like becoming a successful business woman.


Kiteboarding did not come naturally to me and I thought it was because I was a slow learner. But it was still something I wanted very badly for myself and could see myself doing. I had the same feeling when I came up with my women's wetsuit idea. Things happened very slowly, but the urge to make it happen was like an itch that needed to be scratched. I wanted to work on it every chance I could get!


Kiteboarding requires a dream or vision. We all have a moment in our kite girl lives where we daydream about ourselves performing stylish kiteboarding tricks that we aren't yet able to do. These visualizations are our motivation to turn our dreams into realities. Like my kiting goals, I have a vision of what I want for Truli Wetsuits. It inspires me to pursue my dreams and make both my kiting and business goals come true!


Kiteboarding also takes commitment. There will always be a million priorities in your life, but kite girls make the decision to get out on the water and stay there for as long as they can. As in business, if you want to be successful, you are going to have to put in the time and energy to get things done - no matter what and no excuses!


My idea for a women's wetsuit came to me when I was a scuba dive instructor in The Dominican Republic. I spent my entire day in a bikini and lived in my wetsuit. But the mainstream wetsuits were masculine and many of them could not keep up with the demands of a water girl like me. When I started working at a kiteboarding school, I saw firsthand that kite girls faced the same wetsuit challenges that scuba girls did. The kite girl wetsuits had more style than scuba girl wetsuits, but lacked function and comfort. I needed to create a women's wetsuit that was top quality, high performing, but also stylish and comfortable for the female form.


Truli Wetsuits for women is perfect for kite girls who prefer to focus on kiteboarding and not a wardrobe malfunction - especially for new kiters. We all know that splashes and crashes are a part of kiting. In a Truli, you feel protected and never have to worry about losing a bikini or getting a board short wedgy. As well, the trim around the legs is snug, but not tight enough to cause massive pockets of water to stay inside.  The fleece-lining keeps your core warm on cold days or undo the front zip on hot days to let water in an cool you down.

These days I never go kiting without my Truli.  No matter how crazy life gets, I always make a conscious effort to put my time in on the water.  My kite dreams are as big as my business ones!  For every aspiring kite girl or woman with a business vision - let your daydreams guide you and then put in your time! That dream is closer to reality than you think!


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