Learn From the Best

On our women-only Facebook group

  • Obtain informed advice from 3,500+ wonderful women, including professionals.

  • Discuss, question and debate anything eg: gear, travel, gender equality, pregnancy, motivation, body issues.

  • View articles, videos, and a video archive.

Women teaching women….what a great idea!!!


Help ourselves, others and the planet

When these amazing individuals, act collectively as a tribe, they can make a real difference:

  • Improve women’s current situations.

  • Support struggles for gender equality and diversity.

  • Defy prescribed limiting roles and expectations for women.

  • Try to create a better and more sustainable planet for everyone.


Find like-minds among our Collective

  • Belong to a group which is generous, inclusive and supportive.

  • Make friends with women in your region or at your travel destination.

  • Find your ‘community of interest’ so you can collaborate and support each other...as kiters and women.

  • Experience a safe place to talk about new tricks on the water, build your courage and collectively, be part of an amazing tribe of wonderful women.

We are a non-profit, global organization empowering women through kiteboarding. Our dream is that as empowered women we will advocate for improvements for our lives and the lives of others.